Our Core Values

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We advocate for what we believe in. To be an advocate requires passion, confidence, and the ability to communicate thoughts and ideas. Through our programmes, children gain knowledge about our world, develop and apply important life and social skills, which help form and shape their life perspectives.



In our dynamic and fast-paced society, being able to adapt to changes in ideas, practice, and technology, while maintaining integrity reflects resilience. A resilient person is one who bounces back from adversity to become even stronger than before. At Roots and Boots, we see setbacks and difficulties as learning opportunities and aim to better ourselves with each experience. We want our children and their families, staff, and community partners to be resilient in the face of whatever changes and challenges the future holds.



To be empathetic is to be able to understand or feel what another is experiencing from within that other’s frame of reference. This is the basis of positive social interaction and contributes to cognitive development. Empathy helps us understand the world we live in. It engages our hearts, as well as our minds, as we connect with nature and those in our surroundings.

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World Literacy

World literacy to us, means having a deep understanding of the interconnected relationships with others and the environment that make us who we are. It is having the intrinsic desire to learn more about our environment and community, to learn from our past actions, thrive in our current environment, and be motivated to improve the future.