Parent Workshops and Talks


We partner with preschools and organisations to conduct workshops and events for parents and families. We strongly believe that parents and caregivers close to the child are their first teachers, and have great influence on children’s development and foundations for learning. These bonds and interactions mould our children from a very young age. We are proud to offer bespoke urban nature-based workshops and learning experiences designed for parents and families that not only encourage positive interactions and meaningful time spent outdoors together, but also the sharing of ideas and strategies for outdoor learning that can be brought back into each home.

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past events

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Family Day Open House

September 2019 @ Maple Bear West Coast

An interactive and fun outdoor event for the whole family. Bringing our urban forest school approach to outdoor learning to parents, children, caregivers, and teachers of the preschool. A fully sensory-integrated programme with elements of music, movement, arts and science - and lots and lots of laughs!

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Preschool STEAM Learning Festival

July 2019 @ KidsSTOP, Singapore Science Centre

Engaging parents in discussion of STEAM learning opportunities at home and in the natural environment, through hands-on activities and sharing of innovative ideas and strategies. Emphasising the importance of outdoor experiences and the positive impact it has on children’s holistic development.