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Naemi loves Roots and Boots! She comes home sharing new discoveries like sliding down a steep slide all by herself etc, names of flowers and even tasting flowers too! We can see her grow in adventure in climbing taller structures in the park, love for nature, and interest to sketch, among many others. Thank you for empowering her to do the seemingly impossible!
— Joe and Winkie (Naemi's parents)
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Thank you Roots and Boots for conducting awesome nature classes that my kids love! What sets it apart is the passion and dedication of the teachers. And it’s no wonder that my four year old son John has enjoyed all his classes and is genuinely upset when he has to miss one!

Having attended more than a term of classes, we have witnessed quite a few positive changes in him. In the past, John tended to be rather unreceptive to new experiences and was also uncomfortable with sand and insects. But over the past few months, he has transformed into a more outgoing and adventurous boy who enjoys the sand and is interested in nature around him. We have observed that he is more inquisitive and willing to express his views. The variety of hands-on activities has also helped him develop his fine motor skills.

Recently, our younger daughter who turned two, started joining the classes too. It’s evident to me that she thoroughly enjoyed the classes as she would be singing and practicing what was taught (eg threading of branches through leaves) after each class!

We can’t wait for the next term to start!
— Sophia (John and Janine's mummy)
Roots and Boots is my favourite school ever because I like my excursions. This was my last day so I miss my teachers a lot. But my mom signed me up for more weekends. Yay!
— Tristan (6 years)
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