To inspire a sense of ownership and responsibility for our natural world.



Our mission is to empower children to fulfill their unique potential - to build up our next generation of leaders to be resilient and empathetic lifelong learners who will advocate strongly for what they believe in.

We want them to see, feel, and appreciate the beauty around them, and be inspired to make a difference in the world.


Why Roots and Boots?

“Roots” reflect a sense of groundedness, and is the first part of a plant to grow. Young children, like plants, thrive in nurturing environments. We aim to provide safe and conducive environments for children to express their ideas and thoughts, embrace new experiences, and engage in active learning and self-discovery.

“Boots” represent readiness and preparedness. When you wear a pair of boots, you are prepared for adverse weather and will not be afraid to get them dirty, knowing that they will protect your feet. Likewise, we aim to equip children with the skills, qualities and knowledge for them to be resilient and unafraid of changes and challenges that they will undoubtedly encounter in the future.

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Our Logo

The single lined drawing of the boot, likens the meandering nature of a root. It symbolises the never-ending journey of learning and growing.

Like a growing plant, we nurture children during their early years to build a strong and firm foundation of character, values, and skills that will lend them in good stead for the future.