Meet Our Guides


Drizzle Hshieh

Drizzle is an Urban Forest School Leader at Roots and Boots. She holds a Masters of Science in Early Childhood Education from Wheelock College (Boston University), and a Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood and Leadership Studies. In her 14 years in the industry, she has taken on various roles in preschool settings working with children, teachers and parents. She has also lectured and conducted trainings in colleges and other institutes.

Her research interests include effective parent-school partnership, mentorship and interaction opportunities to facilitate outdoor play. To further her research studies, she completed her Level 3 Forest School Leader training in the UK.

Drizzle is passionate about making a difference in the industry and believes in the importance of bridging the connection between learning and application of knowledge and skills. She believes that “Children are not things we mould but people we unfold” and is excited to develop pioneering concepts within an innovation curriculum and training platform for Roots and Boots.

If she were to be an animal, she would be a chimpanzee. Curious, playful, and keen to explore and learn!

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Raudha Robu

Raudha is an Urban Forest School chief facilitator at Roots and Boots. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education from Wheelock College, with a focus on children’s literacy development. Prior to that, she completed a degree in Children and Family Studies from Edith Cowan University.

In her previous stint as a Curriculum Specialist, she had the opportunity to visit and experience the Reggio Emilia philosophy in Italy. This visit deepened her belief that children and community bonding is essential for holistic growth and development.

Raudha is married and blessed with three daughters who cook better than her.

If she were to be a herb, she would be peppermint. Refreshing, a perk-me-up in any dessert or drink, giving off a happy scent.

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Melissa Wu

Melissa is an Urban Forest School Leader at Roots and Boots. Having a Masters in Early Childhood Special Education from Teachers College, Columbia University in New York, and a background in Psychology and Biology, she is an advocate for purposeful and differentiated learning. She has 12 years of experience in a variety of education settings in both Singapore and North America.

She is passionate about giving children the freedom to explore the natural environment and discover their own unique interests and strengths. A mother of three, Melissa is a firm believer in experiential learning and letting children take risks, and encourages them to be reflective in all areas of their development. She sees value in being present in experiences, and believes that we can all learn from each other, as “While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about.”

If she were to be a flower, she would be a sunflower. Bright, cheery, and nurturing!

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Chong Pou Cheng

Mdm Chong (or Chong Lao Shi as children call her) is an Urban Forest School facilitator at Roots and Boots. She has been a Chinese teacher in the early childhood industry for over 20 years, and is a Chinese Curriculum Specialist. She is a firm believer that children learn best from exploration, research, and by asking questions. She encourages children to take ownership of their own learning and vocalise their thoughts and ideas in the Chinese language.

Mdm Chong is nurturing and brings out children’s learning and love for the Chinese language in creative and effective ways. She believes that the outdoor environment benefits children’s mental and physical development, providing them with opportunities to explore and expend their energies. She embodies what lifelong learning is, pursuing her own interests and being reflective in her personal development. Mdm Chong has a passion for gardening and nature, and is always willing to share her knowledge of the growth, characteristics, and uses of plants with others.

If she were to be a plant, she would be a tree. It provides solace in a forest, shelter, and purifies the air.