Educator Trainings and Workshops

At Roots and Boots, we believe in sharing our knowledge and expertise with others; to raise awareness of and advocate for the importance of outdoor play and nature education in children’s learning and development. Our programme serves as a model and demonstration of how the forest school pedagogy can be implemented in an urban context. We provide training and observation opportunities for new and experienced teachers, undergraduate and graduate students, and organisations working with the Early Childhood industry. We are able to cater our training programmes to suite participants’ needs. 

Our qualified trainers have years of experience in various early childhood settings within the field. Our trainings are hands-on and focused on equipping teachers with the knowledge, skills and confidence to facilitate outdoor activities, as well as explore and discover the potential of their nearby outdoor spaces with their children. We are proud to offer bespoke urban nature-based workshops and learning experiences designed for just about any audience. 

Contact us for more information including training availability, content, and fees.

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Past Trainings

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Team-building and Teachers’ Workshop

September 2019, Between Two Trees Preschool

Specially customised and thoughtfully designed early childhood teachers’ workshop and team-building experience. Infusing our philosophy and approach into the various activities, participants engage in hands-on cooperative experiences aimed to foster team spirit, strengthen relationships, and widen knowledge about the natural environment. Participants come away with strategies and ideas of how to encourage and incorporate outdoor learning in their own individual classrooms. Experience. Engage. Inspire.

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Urban Forest School Guides Training - Level 1

August 2019

Building on the knowledge and skills of our guides to better equip them to facilitate children’s outdoor learning experiences and explorations. Guides experience our urban forest school approach first-hand through outdoor activities and mindful strategies that can be used in our classes, as well as gain a deeper insight into our guiding principles and values. Focused on concepts and ideas of observation, perspectives, and communication.

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Curriculum Planning and Assessment

March 2019 @ Wheelock College-SEED Institute

Sharing our urban forest school philosophy and outdoor experiences with early childhood professionals-to-be within the context of curriculum design, planning, and assessment.

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Outdoor Learning Seminar

March 2019 @ Singapore Zoological Gardens

Sharing our beliefs, knowledge, and strategies on engaging children in outdoor environments; how early childhood educators can adopt the approach in their day-to-day facilitation of outdoor play.

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Urban Forest School Guides Training - Foundation

February 2019

Equipping our guides with knowledge of our pedagogy, hands-on experiences, and skills needed to facilitate children’s outdoor learning, play, and exploration.